How to Use StrongEnds Relaxer

How to Use StrongEnds Relaxer

Transforming your hair into a strong and lustrous crown requires effective hair care products that nourish and protect. StrongEnds Relaxer from BIOCARE LABS, enriched with honey and shea butter, is the ultimate solution to combat breakage and dryness while restoring your hair's elasticity and strength. To maximize the benefits of this fantastic product, follow our step-by-step guide on how to use StrongEnds Relaxer for optimal results. Learn more and reach out to our team for hair care products or to get answers to your questions today.

Prepare for Application

Before diving into the relaxing process, ensure you're well-prepared. Begin by conducting a patch test 24 hours before the application to check for any allergic reactions. Gather the materials you'll need, including a towel, timer, comb or brush, petroleum jelly, and, most importantly, the StrongEnds Relaxer Kit.

Application Process

Begin the process by prepping your hair for the relaxer application. Part your hair into sections and gently detangle it to remove any knots or tangles. Apply a generous amount of petroleum jelly or coconut oil to your scalp to provide a protective barrier, ensuring the relaxer doesn't come into direct contact with your skin. Divide your hair into smaller sections and start applying the relaxer (as prepared by following the instructions in the kit) from the roots, avoiding the scalp as it may be sensitive.

Smooth Relaxer in the Same Order You Applied It

Once you've applied the relaxer, it's time to smooth it out in the same order as the application. Use the back of your comb or a relaxer applicator brush to ensure even distribution. Take care not to comb the scalp during this process, as it might cause discomfort. Start the timer according to the recommended processing time for your hair type, and stay within the timing guidelines to avoid any adverse reactions.

Shampoo the Scalp and Hair, Including the Ends

After the processing time is up, it's time to wash off the relaxer. Gently shampoo your scalp and hair, making sure to include the ends with Biocare Labs Neutralizing shampoo with color indicator (included in the kit).

Taking care of your relaxed hair

Use a sulfate-free, moisturizing shampoo to retain the product's benefits.Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water until all the relaxer is removed. 

With StrongEnds Relaxer, achieving strong and healthy hair is within your grasp. By following these simple yet essential steps, you can make the most of this incredible product and protect your hair from breakage and dryness. Get in touch with our team at BIOCARE LABS to learn more or to purchase your hair care products today!

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