Different Curl Type And How To Care For Them With BIOCARE LABS Products

Different Curl Type And How To Care For Them With BIOCARE LABS Products

It can be difficult to figure out how to take care of your beautiful curls, we understand and want to help you!  Many different kinds of curls and textures can exist on one single head of hair, which has to appear all the same when styled. Many people have found out that even though the typing system for curls may be too diverse or too narrow, it may be quite beneficial when identifying your curl pattern so you know where to start when looking for the right hair-care products for your hair type!

The curl type of your hair is found out by the shape of your hair follicle. The flatter the follicle, the curlier the hair and the more circular the follicle, the straighter the hair. So what are the different types? Type 1s are straight, Type 2s are wavy, Type 3s are curly, and Type 4s are coily. Along with these different types there are sub classifications from A to C that are based on the width and diameter of the coil, curl, or wave. Type As have a wider pattern size, Type Bs have a medium size, and Type Cs have the smallest pattern size. 

Type 2 hair care

Type 2A

Those with hair type 2A have a fine texture that is easy to straighten. Those with this texture of hair has to be careful when using heavy product because it will weigh the hair down

2A waves can lack volume at the root making it appear flat. It is best to use an airy mousse, like, AtOne With Nature Silky Texture Foam Wrap to add a bit of moisture and texture at the base of your hair, making hair look fluffier.

Type 2B

2B hair sits flatter at the root and begins to create defined S-shaped waves. The strands of hair are thicker and are a bit more difficult to straighten. To enhance your natural, beautiful waves, use Curls & Naturals Hydrating Curl Activator to let your waves shine and come to their natural shape.

Type 2C

2C waves are thicker and can frizz more easily. The S-bends in the hair are well-defined and start at the roots of the hair. Using a sulfate-free, non lathering cowash so your natural essential oils are not striped, use  STRONGENDS Hydrating & Strengthening Shampoo.

A leave-in conditioner should also be used to ensure and lock in moisture and wave patterns. STRONGENDS Leave-In Conditioner Repair & Detangle Cream is a great leave-in conditioner to moisturize and condition!

Type 3A

3A strands have shiny and large, loose curls. Scrunch Curls & Naturals Coconut Curling Crème into your dry hair to help emphasize your curl texture as well and moisturize. Keep your hands away from your curls after applying so you don’t run the risk of having frizz. 

Type 3B

3B hair types have beautiful, springy ringlets. 3Bs can get dry, so it is important to look out for styling gels that attract moisture to your curls. Try STRONGENDS Maximum Hold Styling Gel to keep moisture in your curls as well as keep your hair from frizzing!

Type 3C

3C curls are tight corkscrews. The strands are packed together which gives way to natural volume. Frizziness is common with this type of hair and to be careful of having frizzy hair, use a sulfate-free cleanser, Curls & Naturals Cleansing Shampoo. This shampoo will most definitely not allow your hair to dry out, and will leave your hair feeling amazing.

Type 4A

People with 4A hair type have dense and springy curls. If you enjoy wash-and-gos, you should style your hair more frequently to keep the coily texture soft. A curling cream is a must for adding more moisture to your hair daily for wash-and-go styling. AtOne With Nature Miracle Cream Conditioner is a great moisturizing cream to keep your curls bouncy and beautiful.

Type 4B

4B strands are densely packed and a good moisturizing foam is great to keep the curls packed and shiny. AtOne With Nature Silky Texture Foam Wrap will keep your hair feeling soft while not weighing your hair down. Your hair will feel full and this product will help your hair from getting any damage.

Type 4C

4C textures are like 4B textures, but more fragile and have a very tight zig-zag pattern This hair type experiences the greatest amount of shrinkage. 

Since shrinkage and dryness are major concerns, use a good amount of leave-in moisturizer, like Curls & Naturals Triple Moisture Leave-In Conditioner. This product will have your hair feeling so soft and keep your hair at its fullest potential.

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