How do I get rid of split ends?

How do I get rid of split ends?

How do I get rid of split ends?

The split comes to an end. They begin gradually, then all at once. They're scarcely noticeable at first, a stray flyaway here, a frayed end there. Nothing to be concerned about...nothing that a fast snip of the scissors or a few drops of hair oil can't repair, right? Then, all of a sudden, your missed hair appointments have caught up with you, and you're struggling with scraggly ends, dryness, and a lot of frizz.

Split ends can be an issue for some people, while others can keep their hair long, sturdy, and safe with little or no effort. While genetics play a role in your hair's ability to grow without breaking, you may take measures to reduce your risk of split ends. We've got everything you need to know about slip ends, from how to avoid them to why you get them in the first place.

So what are split ends? Split ends are triggered when a single strand of hair breaks into two. If you're the type of person who pulls your split ends apart without even noticing it, you're probably familiar with the issue. So what exactly are split ends? What would happen if they aren't treated? Although having a few split ends in your hair is perfectly natural, having a lot of them is a big red flag. They're not only unattractive, but they also mean that your hair is damaged, dry, and unhealthy in general. If you don't take good care of your hair, it can easily deteriorate, resulting in extreme hair breakage and overall brittleness. 

So how do I get rid of split ends? Split ends are difficult to eliminate after they have occurred. Split ends can only be treated with a trim, which is why being diligent and avoiding them in the first place is critical. Having daily trims will actually help your hair grow faster and healthier, despite the fact that it might seem counterintuitive. This is because if you don't cut off the split ends, the hair will begin to break higher and higher down the hair shaft, resulting in frizzier hair. Although you can use smoothing hair products like oils, serums, gels, or pomades to hydrate your hair, minimize the appearance of split ends, hide flyaways, and tame unruly frizz, daily trims are the only way to keep it looking its best.

The best way to help prevent split ends is by using our very own STRONGENDS! StrongEnds with Honey Infusion offers a unique solution. Women can strengthen and grow their hair length, whether it’s natural or relaxed from inside out. StrongEnds products are enriched with strengthening and hydrating ingredients that increase hair elasticity to prevent breakage. If your hair is particularly brittle, you can also use the condition-shampoo-condition process. Instead of shampooing your hair first, add conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends before shampooing to help strengthen and protect the hair, helping it to better maintain moisture. To add shine and softness, finish by conditioning your hair once more.

We highly recommend using our STRONGENDS Hydrating Super Reconstructor, STRONGENDS Leave-In Conditioner Repair & Detangle Cream, and STRONGENDS Hydrating & Strengthening Shampoo to help rebuild hair fibers, help repair hair breakage and split ends, support healthy hair growth, and help revive dull lifeless hair. 

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