How to Get Your Natural Curls Back!

How to Get Your Natural Curls Back!

Have your beautiful curls lost their spring? We here at BIOCARE LABS are here to help you!

1. Use Leave-In Conditioners and Oils
If your hair is dehydrated and dry, your curls may not be at their full potential. All of our BIOCARE LABS PROFESSIONALS WOWOILS! and Curls & Naturals Leave-In Conditioners will do wonders for your hair, leaving your hair feeling soft without weighing it down!

2. Give your hair a break from heat
Straightening irons and hair driers can damage your hair and leave it looking and feeling fried. Using Our STRONGENDS HEAT & SUN PROTECTION HAIR CREME you can repair the split ends caused by the heat as well as protect your hair from the UV rays caused by the sun and styling products.

3. Get a trim
Cutting off split ends will help bring back your curls by removing any damaged or dead hair, leaving your hair feeling soft.

4. Be careful not to over shampoo
Shampoo can dry out your hair by stripping your hair of their natural oils. It is good to give your hair some rest time from washing. Conditioner is important. Start incorporating hair masks into your hair routine- Hair masks are great for moisturizing your hair, they help to repair damaged hair, and help to strengthen your hair. Our Curls & Naturals Conditioning Repair Mask works amazing for damaged hair.

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