How to Manage Curly Hair in Humid Weather

How to Manage Curly Hair in Humid Weather

How to manage curly hair in humid weather

Humidity is the fastest way to kill a nice curl day. Curly hair can be a little unmanageable when the air becomes damp and muggy. You can't manipulate mother nature, but you can influence how your hair responds to her. Even on the hottest summer days, you can keep your curls thriving with the right styling tips and tricks.

Why would you want to add more moisture to your dilemma in the first place? But bear with us. Your curls are thirsty and dehydrated, so they're sucking up the last drop of moisture from the air. The hair shaft swells and expands as a result of this unexpected surge. When you send your hair the right kind of moisture, which comes from well-formulated, conditioning hair products, the humid air becomes a thing of the past. 

When you’re in the shower, don’t rinse out your conditioner all the way! It works as a leave-in treatment, hydrating hair while smoothing and sealing the cuticle layer, preventing outside moisture from entering. A pre-shampoo mask hydrates curly hair while ingredients like rice water smooth the cuticle and minimize frizz. By combining a leave-in conditioner with your curl cream or gel, you can add extra moisture to your hair when styling. We highly recommend using Curls & Natural Leave In Conditioner. Just massage into damp or dry hair. Apply modestly - just enough to lightly coat the hair from root to tip.

Avoid hair products with lots of alcohol  because they tend to dry out curly strands. One of the worst offenders is hairspray. Gel is also common, so look for alcohol-free varieties of both. Alternatively, you might use hydrating serums, oils, or leave-in conditioners that lock in moisture as you style. We recommend using Curls & Naturals Daily Moisturizing Serum, which will protect your hair from heat damage and will help refresh your curls. Apply lightly as needed to natural or curly hair for added moisture, shine and curl management; paying close attention to the ends.

Start changing your pillowcase. Replace the cotton pillowcase with a satin one. Cotton retains moisture, which can cause your curls to dry out even more if you sleep on it for six to seven hours. Satin, on the other hand, does not have this impact. Plus, if you're tossing and turning, the slippery material decreases the amount of frizz-causing friction. For more hair advice and hair trends make sure to check out the rest of our blogs here!

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