How to Prevent Breakouts

How to Prevent Breakouts

Getting acne is not the end of the world! With a few lifestyle and product changes, you can banish acne from your face. So don’t lose hope and keep reading for clearer, beautiful skin!

1. Wash Your Face
Washing your face regularly to remove excess dirt, oil, and sweat. Make sure not to exceed washing your face twice a day though as it can make your skin worse.
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2. Moisturize Your Skin
After washing your face, apply a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. Make sure to stay away from scented facial lotions because they can cause breakouts and also irritate your skin. BIOCARE LABS Naturally Clear Skin Botanical Replenishing Moisturizer is oil free and contains natural ingredients that help to fight acne and premature aging while also keeping your skin soft and moisturized.

3. Stay Hydrated.
Drink more water. Dehydration can cause your body to produce more oil as well as make your skin look dull and more red.

4. Try and Keep Your Hands Away From Your Face
Your hands and fingers can contain bacteria that can get into your pores causing them to get clogged and cause acne to emerge.

5. Stay Out Of The Sun
Sun exposure can dehydrate your skin over time and cause your skin to produce more oil that will block pores. Make sure to use sunscreen when outside to prevent your skin from getting dehydrated.

6. Don’t Pop That Pimple!
When you pop pimples, you can cause your skin to bleed, scar, or even get infected. It can also make the pimple worse by causing inflammation and also clogging the surrounding pores.

7. Reduce Stress
Stress can make breakouts worse by causing inflammation.

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