How to Sooth Winter Skin

How to Sooth Winter Skin

This year is coming to a close, seasons are changing and it is becoming colder as the days go by. Winter is here! However, the season is not the only thing that is changing, our skin is too! When the weather is cold and dry, it causes our skin to become red, cracked, and irritated. This means that we are in need of some SERIOUS skin hydration.

There are many possible remedies for irritated skin but it is important that we are choosing the right ones for our skin type. At BioCare Labs, we are eager to help you find the best solution so your winter experience is comfortable! Skin care starts with our lifestyle. Our climate, what we eat, how much water we drink, and the products we use on our skin are all huge contributors to skin hydration.

Eating a more nutrient based diet can be a great way to save your skin and also drinking a sufficient amount of water throughout the day. Cucumber is a great snack choice to incorporate in your diet because it is a fresh vegetable that has an abundance of anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants. It can help soothe your irritated skin while giving it a feeling of freshness. Skin care products are also very important because they are meant to clean and refresh thirsty skin.

BioCare labs has a wide selection of Body Butters made with the best ingredients for every skin type. From coconut oil to aloe, we have the skin care solution your skin needs!

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