My Skin is Dry, Aging & Cracked - What's The Best Moisturizer For Me?

My Skin is Dry, Aging & Cracked - What's The Best Moisturizer For Me?

Everyone is looking for the secret to flawless skin or how to repair your skin to reach that “perfect” state. There are many factors that can influence how each person’s skin develops – lack of natural oils, sun damage, decreased cell revival, and even a drop in hormonal levels. One of the biggest issues that many dermatologists can agree on is that if an individual does not keep the top layer of skin consistently moisturized (naturally or by using products) it will crack and lose its natural protection. The seasonal changes in weather can also play a factor in how an individual maintains or repairs their skin. The skin care routine for a person in California will be different than a person in the Midwest. We will discuss how cold weather affects a person’s skin, tips outside of moisturization that can help protect against cold, harsh conditions, and which of Biocare’s products will work in certain situations.

Cold weather can be extremely tough on skin, especially when combined with sunlight. Climates that have sub-40 degree and low humidity can pull moisture away from a person’s skin. When skin dries up, it becomes itchy and can peel off which can lead to an excess of dead skin. Skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis can also flare up in these cold conditions. Here are some tips, outside of lotions/moisturizers, that can help battle cold weather skin conditions:

• Avoid long, hot showers
• Decrease amount of winter tanning
• Don’t forget sunscreen
• Protect your skin from high wind conditions
• Keep hydrated
• Regularly see your dermatologist

When it comes to moisturizers and lotions to help with dry, aged skin, there are hundreds of products on the market. The Biocare Labs product line has a solution to help with many types of various skin conditions. They have six varieties of BodyButter that can help rejuvenate and maintain a person’s overall skin health. Each line is infused with Natural butters & oils and plant & fruit extracts that have healing properties and when used for your skin condition it will really help to bring your skin back to life.

• Cocoa Butter & Shea Butter Anti-Aging Moisturizer
• Shea Butter & Olive Oil Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer
• Aloe Vera Extract Intense Healing Moisturizer
• Coconut Oil Extra Soft Skin Moisturizer
• Vitamin C & Collagen Skin Toning & Brightening Moisturizer
• Vitamin E & Pro-Vitamin B5 Daily Vitamin Moisturizer

Each Moisturizer in the BodyButter line, has a unique formulation that can help bring back your skin’s glow from the harsh winter season or dry humidity. Check out the full line of BodyButter on our site and get your bottle today!

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