New Year, New Complexion: Naturally Clear Skin

New Year, New Complexion: Naturally Clear Skin

It’s time to start off the new year with naturally beautiful skin! Our Naturally Clear Skin facial products will leave your skin feeling amazing. They dig deep ensuring no dirt, oil, or makeup builds up in your skin to prevent future breakouts.

Our Naturally Clear Skin product contains natural, non-drying ingredients like Aloe Vera, Alpha Bioplex, Vitamin E, & Witch Hazel. Aloe Vera naturally hydrates skin as well as helps to clear skin.

Alpha Bioplex contains natural ingredients derived from plants and herbs that helps to condition, lighten and prevent aging!

Vitamin E contains antioxidants that help to repair and build tissue and make your skin feel rejuvenated!

Incorporate Naturally Clear Skin into your daily routine to get amazingly clear skin! It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1
Wet hands and face with lukewarm water. Rub Naturally Clear Skin Botanical Facial Cleanser into a rich lather and gently lather onto your face. Rinse thoroughly.

Step 2
Apply face and neck with a cotton pad.

Step 3
Lastly, Apply Naturally Clear Skin Botanical Revitalizing Moisturizer to face and neck.

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